Women's Artistic Gymnastics is the most popular and well known of the gymnastics disciplines and one of the most popular sports at the Olympic games.  It is comprised of four events: vault, bars, beam, and floor. Gymnasts compete in all four events to accumulate an all-around score.


Both athletic and artistic, Artistic Gymnastics looks effortless when done well.  In reality it is a challenging sport requiring strength, flexibility, power, agility, and courage. Competitive training is an excellent foundation for athletes keen on developing their overall core strength, balance and focus.


Niagara Falls Lightning Gymnastics has Developmental and Pre Competitive programs leading to participation in all levels of the Ontario Competitive Program (OCP Levels 2-9), as well as Provincial and National Stream Programs.



Each year recreational gymnasts are invited to test for positions in the Artistic Competitive Program.  Children who show a strong aptitude for the sport are invited to join various programs within the Artistic Competitive Program.  Training hours range from 6-20 hours per week depending on age, level, and program.  A level of commitment is required of the gymnast and of their family who assist with fundraising and club events.
















Gymnasts build strength, speed, and power in their training in order to compete well at all four gymnastic events. This type of fitness also improves their performance in many school competitive sports teams, like track and field or swimming.


Gymnasts develop strong core strength and have more body strength per body weight than many other sports. What that means is that gymnasts are super strong for their size! Gymnasts also develop flexibility more than many sports and, over time, develop remarkable balance skills.



Gymnasts come in all shapes and sizes! There is no one ideal body type that succeeds in gymnastics; most gymnasts are strong, fit, and flexible regardless of size. Gymnastics develops healthy, confident body image.


Gymnasts tend to do well at school. The combination of physical exercise with the skills training of time management, goal setting, persistence, focus and repeated application teaches gymnasts process and how to apply themselves. Add to this a healthy dose of self confidence that comes with the sport!

Gymnasts work on their independent skills but belong to a team. Gymnastics teaches sportsmanship, group ethic, patience, dedication, and community. Many long lasting friendships begin with gymnasts on the team.


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