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Summer Registration opens

Monday June 4 at 8am... stay tuned for schedule!!

To Register and see class schedule go to:

Spring Recreational 

classes run from:

Monday April 29 -

Saturday June 29, 2024

(9 weeks). 

Summer Recreational 

classes run from:

Monday July 1st -

Saturday August 31st, 2023

(9 weeks)







Our recreational programs at Niagara Falls Lightning, from Advanced Kindergym and up are based on the Canadian Gymnastics Federation Badge Program (CANGYM).  This is Gymnastics Canada skills development program for artistic gymnastics.  There are fourteen badge levels in this program, ranging from beginner to advanced, each requiring 35-40 skills before a badge is awarded.  Gymnasts receive a Progress Card at the end of the Fall and Winter sessions, outlining their achievement and skill level.  Upon successful  completion of all of the skills in each CANGYM Badge Level, a ribbon will be presented.  


 The goal of this program is to promote enjoyment and participation while developing self-confidence.  Children progress at various rates and it may take a couple of sessions to perform the skills well enough to progress to the next level.  This includes vault, bars, beam, floor, trampoline for girls. The Boys program includes vault, parallel bars, high bar, floor, rings, and trampoline.



Girls may wear a leotard or gym shorts and a T-shirt. Boys may wear gym shorts and a T-shirt. No skirts, jeans, shorts or pants with belts, buckles or zippers are allowed. Shorts and shirts should be tight fitting, try to avoid anything to loose.  Long hair must be tied back and off the shoulder; feet must be bare. No jewelry (stud earrings only).


Cell phones should not be brought into the gym.  Coaches will not hold items for participants. NFLGC will not  be held responsible for lost or stolen items.


Bring a full water bottle!




In the event of a club cancellation a make-up class will be offered.  In the event of a club shutdown due to COVID-19 any payments made to NFLGC will be help on your account to be used for future recreational sessions.

       SICK                   POLICY

If your child displays symptoms, they must remain home from the gym.  Children who test positive must follow the appropriate isolation guidelines as per Public Health

NOTE: parents can contact Niagara Region Public Health for general COVID-19 questions at 1-888-505-6074; 905-688-8248, press 7, then press 2.


“It is the best place to teach kids what they need to exceed at other sports because they learn how their body works... It develops speed, power and strength, as well as discipline and time management, and it’s really a shame that they don’t teach it in schools anymore.”


National Gymnast, Kyle Shewfelt, quoted in CHATELAINE, Jan 24, 2011 Author: James S. Fell 

 "Gymnastics is perhaps one of the most comprehensive 'lifestyle exercise programs' available to children, incorporating strength, flexibility, speed, balance, coordination, power and discipline. 


Michael A. Taylor, Certified National Youth Sports Administrator

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